A word about Satchel's BBQ


I decided to start Satchel’s in 2010. The road to that decision had many twists and turns, but ultimately, it was born out of a love for BBQ and a realization that life is no dress rehearsal.  Better to take some chances than to continually play it safe.  And if on the way you find some success, all the better.  Better still if you find some happiness.

At Satchel’s we provide good, high quality BBQ with excellent service at a value price.  We model ourselves on the wonderful southern eateries that are scattered throughout cities and towns in the South, but for some reason, are absent here in Ann Arbor. While we have a pizza place on every corner and a sub shop at every strip mall, there isn’t anywhere to go for good simple BBQ.  We hope to change that.

Our two guiding principals are simplicity and focus.  We cook our meats low and slow over hickory, and all or our sides and sauces are made from scratch.  The recipes are the kind that your grandma wrote on index cards.  And our menu is focused.  We provide high quality BBQ food. Period. Want a burger? Go to Blimpy’s. Interested in a salad? Whole Foods  has a great salad bar. We are here for BBQ.

So there it is. A manifesto for the BBQ nation. Give us a try sometime. And bring a friend.

Hugh Morgan
Satchel’s BBQ