Satchel’s BBQ’s pitmaster gives a brief tutorial on how to trim a brisket before putting it on the smoker

Satchel’s BBQ’s Pittmaster Extraordinaire, DJ, sees himself as something of a (mad?) scientist, experimenting with different smoking methods in an attempt to create the world’s best BBQ.  He tries different rubs and mops and marinades and hardwoods and temperatures. Anything that’s legal in the continental 48, DJ will give it a try. We can’t tell if he is BBQ’s answer to Thomas Edison or a hillbilly version of Dr. Frankenstein.

In this video, DJ shows us his wizardry with a small butcher knife and a big beef brisket. One thing we need to get clear right here and now: this is not the cut of brisket you typically find in a supermarket. Most grocer’s sell the “flat” of the brisket. What DJ is working with here (and what we think is absolutely, without question, the best cut of brisket to work with) is the WHOLE brisket, which includes both the “flat” and the “cap”. The cap sits right on top of the flat, and while it contains an awful lot of fatty tissue that will likely be discarded, it flavors the flat beautifully and contains some wonderfully marbleized meat that will melt in your mouth. Watch and enjoy.

Hugh Morgan